(Suitable for ages 11 and up)

(for girls and mixed groups)
A rock stars guitar is stolen

(for boys and mixed groups)
A champion skateboarders board is stolen
Both plays are presented by a Detective (a profressional actress) and
everyone in the audience receives a part to read. They look for clues, examine evidence and try to solve the crime.

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The LMM Movie studio is shooting a movie....but someone is shot. (For 12 players)

A wedding reception is interrupted by a murder. (10 players)

Something valuable is stolen and guests must find the thief. Good for both children over 12yrs and adults. (8 players)

Was Pauline Ellington’s death and an accident….or was it murder?
Sandy Evans married comedian Joey Jason and moved to Washington DC to run the Bed and Breakfast Inn that Joey inherited from his landlady, Pauline Ellington. She finds a letter that convinces her the accident was murder. She, her stepdaughter Janie and their housekeeper Noah begin an investigation. They question people who were staying at the Inn at the time of the accident, they talk to neighbors and friends and Sandy reports their progress in nightly telephone conversations with Joey and her twin sister Allison.

Dear Joey, I’m writing to you because I am terribly upset and need advice. Last night I overheard something…..Some people were on the porch talking about a contest or competition. They wanted to win and someone else said something about fixing things so that the other contestants would have problems. They said there was always a way to arrange those kind of problems…for a price. The first one said that a lot of money was involved and the second one said the price for arranging those problems would be…..I couldn’t hear the amount but I did hear the words…”in cash”. The first one said it sounded dangerous and illegal and the second one laughed and said danger made things interesting. I think I know who these people are and what they were talking about. Should I confront one of them and tell them what I overheard and, if so…which one?……

MURDER IN THE INN, and ANOTHER MURDER IN THE INN By Barbara Fox, can be ordered from Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com . Also they can be ordered from other on-line book stores and local book stores.

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